One of the problems challenging humans in regards to their home television set is the remote control loss, continued use of battery or outright destruction that requires replacement. To solve this bug and problem, everyone and every home needs the Universal TV Remote Control application.


Moreover, the problems associated with the remote control device from its inception remains the possibility of losing it when kids play around with it, the malfunction or outright destruction from any cause and the continuous use of battery to power its operation.

Individuals and users of television sets have seen much of very impressive innovations concerning televisions in this present decade involving a change in form, shape and function without any improvement to the known remote control.

However, the sustainable, easy and effective solution to the problems of the remote control is now available to everyone with the release of the Universal TV Remote  Control application. This is an application that works on the Android operating system and requires users to install it on their Android phones and tablets so as to control their television set.

We are in the advanced world with diverse changes and the better option to the traditional television remote control is here to provide users with the perfect and flawless opportunity to access their television sets and perform every task like they are using a remote control.

You do not need to worry about the remote control getting missing or damaged because you have an efficient application that gets you covered with amazing functions that include normal remote control functions and much more exciting features.

The Universal TV Remote Control works with numerous brands of TV sets and various models and it offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interphase that explicitly displays the different buttons for various remote functions on your Android device screen.

What’s more? You don’t have to spend any cash on batteries to power your TV remote control anymore because you now have a better alternative that cost you nothing for absolute efficiency and functions. The Universal TV Remote Control application works effectively and you can use it easily by following the steps below detailing its usability.

  1. Download and install the Universal TV Remote Control Application in your Android phone or tablet now!
  2. Select your Television Brand for proper functionality.
  3. Then you make use of the numerous buttons displayed on the application interface.
  4. Switch or slide sideways to see much more functions to explore.

With these very simple steps, you can be absolutely free from all television remote control worries and be part of users that have embraced the latest innovation that offers better functions and effectiveness.

The application works with most brands of television sets and their various models. It works with Samsung, Sony, Nexus, Polaroid, Sanyo, LG, AudioSonic, AudioVox, Panasonic, Supra, Zenith, Daewoo, Duraband, NEC, Next and many other brands. You can check Here to see full list of al supported brands.


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