For decades before now, the world has come to know how codes can be used to store information about products, manufacturer's names and price of any product bought at offline stores and just any other details. This code is known as barcode or QR code and both store a considerable number of information that can only be read and understood by barcode or QR decoding devices. It is also very easy to create a barcode or QR code for a business, website or just any information using the device.

However, with technological advancements becoming so massive that we now can solve problems and create better and easier ways to perform task in every known sector of humanity. These advancements have a strong link to what internet and smart phones do and in the case of barcodes and QR codes, you do not need a device any more to understand or read them.


Reading and scanning a barcode or QR code is now very easy as anyone can do it with a smart phone. There are various applications that can read and show the full information hidden in any barcode or quick response code known as QR code. There are various applications that perform the task of reading and showing barcode or QR code information as well as other functions but one application stands out as the best of all.

The WeScan (QR Code Scanner - Barcode Scanner) is a perfect and very functional application that reads and provides full information hidden in all types of barcode or QR code. The application is developed by SoomApps and supports mobile phones which run on Android operating systems. The application offers so many features and some are explained below.

1. QR Code and Barcode Scanner

The WeScan (QR code Scanner – Barcode Scanner) application is a very nice and amazing way to save cost for owners of stores and businesses that deal with QR code and Barcode. You absolutely need no other devices or scanner when you have this application installed on phone.

Most people use smart phones now and your workers can get it installed on their phones and read every kind of barcode and QR code using the application. Save yourself from the cost of buying barcode and QR code scanners and make use of the innovation freely for efficient code readability.

2. QR Code and Barcode Generator

This application also comes top with the innovative ability to create barcodes and QR codes of any type with just one Tap! Never go searching for any other devices because this application has all you need in it. This ensures that you need absolutely nothing more as regards barcode and QR code operation.

3. Save Code Information

It’s a fact that there are other applications that do the work of scanning barcodes and QR codes easily but the WeScan (QR code Scanner – Barcode Scanner) app still goes further than just reading correctly the information saved in any barcode and QR code. This application can save the history of every barcode and QR code it reads and this enables an easy access to the information later on. The App does not just scan and forget but it stores in its history the codes and information read.

4. Share Every Information

QR code and Barcode scanning devices and most smart phone scanning applications do not have the functionality to send and share the code information via SMS, e-mail, Etc. The application can also decode barcodes or QR codes from an existing photo on your phone and that means anyone can just snap and send a barcode or QR code to your phone to scan.

Download the WeScan (QR code Scanner – Barcode Scanner) application Here Now and perform any barcode or QR decoding tasks easily and most important free.


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